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Caine has been inspired by the oceans his entire life. This led him to become a marine biologist, and along the way he earned a PhD. He is forever aiming to understand the oceans and its inhabitants. 

It was a natural progression for Caine to take up photography as part of his documenting of the state of the worlds oceans. And as a result he has been published widely, in magazines in Australia, the UK, South Africa, and the US. He has also shot numerous assignments - most notably for the New York Times. 

Running expeditions for others to join has given Caine the opportunity to share these wonders of the world, and help others gain more knowledge and appreciation for our oceans. 

He now lives in landlocked in Boulder, CO, to enjoy the mountain lifestyle, but frequently makes the journey to the sea for work, and with his family for fun. As the ocean will always be his driving inspiration.