Ian Elgerts, (Humpback whales - Mo’orea, 2018)

I will most definitely join Caine on more dive adventures in the future. His adventurous spirit and enthusiasm is contagious. His professionalism towards these excursions with local, experienced guides, in some of the most exotic locations, ensures his clients some of the best freediving experiences money can buy. Caine is a strong believer that bringing his clients on these amazing adventures to see large, wild marine mammals and other fauna is not just great fun but has a higher purpose, as well. It provides an economic incentive for locals to protect their living ocean resources and educate others about their conservation, thereby helping to promote the preservation of these important and precious species for future generations. Thanks again, Caine!


Emily Reed, (Humpbacks whales - Mo’orea, 2018)

I joined Caine in French Polynesia after I stumbled upon an Instagram story highlighting his trip. I had always dreamed of being able to swim with humpback whales, but didn't know if that dream could ever become a reality. I decided to take a leap of faith even though I wasn't 100% sure what I was getting myself into. This decision lead me to one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Caine and the guides who worked with him were so knowledgeable about the marine life that inhabited the waters surrounding Moorea. They were very cognizant of showing respect to the animals and educating us on giving the humpbacks space in order to gain their trust. This allowed for genuinely awe-inspiring close encounters. Conditions weren't always ideal, but the hard work and patience were always worth the final outcome. When we were in the presence of these gentle giants, it felt as if time stood still. Some encounters were serene, with the whales peacefully ascending to the surfaces and diving back down. Others were playful, with curious juveniles coming by to get a closer look. One of the highlights of the trip came on the last day when we encountered a mom and calf. No more than a week old, this calf was so curious, and the most excited to be splashing and rolling on the surface of the water. This baby humpback swam right up to us, providing me with the most magical encounter of my life. I will never forget this trip and would recommend it to anyone who's up for the adventure! .


Monica Hofman, (Sperm Whales- Dominica, 2017)

I signed up for this trip about 6 months prior and while really excited for it, I had no idea what to expect.  Everything about it surpassed my expectations and this was in spite of the devastation of Hurricane Maria.  Caine was there every step of the way to ensure the guests had the best time imaginable. He assisted me with finding flights, finding alternative accommodation after the hurricane and finding the right person to talk to when I wanted to change my flight at the last minute and was having no luck on my own. The team he assembled for the boat was top-notch with our whale whisperer, Pernell leading the charge. I couldn’t imagine a better team for this adventure. The highlight of course was the whales, and there were plenty. The whole journey felt as if Caine & Pernell had spoken to Mother Nature directly to ensure that the whales put on a show for us. What a show it was!! We had plenty of sperm whales and if that wasn’t enough, we had pilot whales and dolphins. We had spyhops, breaches and pods of sleeping whales. All we needed was David Attenborough and we would have been living a BBC documentary.  Every day saw something new. Everything you could possibly ask for was delivered.  Overall it was a trip of a lifetime with a lot of magic mixed in. I can’t even express what it meant to me because I am still so gobsmacked by everything we encountered but I can say, that if you have ever thought of swimming with sperm whales, I highly recommend a trip with Caine to Dominica