A few words from previous clients

Neeraj being pretty excited about his first big shark experience in Mozambique!

Neeraj being pretty excited about his first big shark experience in Mozambique!

Neeraj Jhanji (Sharks - Mozambique, 2016, Humpback Whales - Mo'orea, 2017) 

“I went along with Caine after meeting him on a flight back from Hawaii. I had so much fun going diving with him in Mozambique to see the sharks. The adventure was unique and the company was great. Most of all, I felt safe diving with and learning from an experienced marine biologist. He is skilled, caring and fun. Opportunity of a lifetime, will go with him again!”

Ariane enjoying cruising the lagoons in Mo'orea!

Ariane enjoying cruising the lagoons in Mo'orea!

Ariane Lamy (Sharks - Mozambique, 2016, Humpback Whales - Mo'orea, 2017)

"Just finished a diving trip organized by Caine and really impressed.

The trip was to Punta do Ouro, Mozambique, and from arrival in Johannesburg to the end of the trip everything went perfectly well. From Hotel booking, transfer, border crossing, lodge in Punta and of course diving.

Not to forgot that Caine know this place as we say in French “like his pocket” and it was nice to have his insight on the diving sites, the fauna, and some photography tips.

It was also a very nice group, mixing very different people. Caine’s idea to visit and organize trip off the “beaten diving destination” is also a great idea. It changes from the usual destination, give another perspective to a dive trip.

I will sign up and I’m really looking forward for the next one."

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Brad- post humpback whale encounter!! Stoked.

Brad- post humpback whale encounter!! Stoked.

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Charlie White (Sperm Whales - Dominica, 2017)

"As someone with a passion for the marine environment and its life, I have always wanted to swim with Whales.  The opportunity presented itself through one of Caine’s expeditions. Despite the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean, our November 2017 trip went ahead. Caine was a fantastic host (with a wealth of marine ecology knowledge!). Before even touching down in Dominica, Caine was constantly in touch and offering to help with any accommodation, flights or any other issues I may have stumbled upon.

We were lucky enough to see Sperm Whales every day on our trip, as well as Pilot Whales and several species of Dolphins. Being able to be in the water alongside Sperm Whales and these other animals, and to be fortunate enough to witness some of the behaviors we saw, was beyond special.

Our guide and boat crew were a fantastic group of people and their camaraderie and attitude during the trip enhanced every day we spent out at sea/on the boat.

An added bonus was the photos and footage captured on the trip – both through my own underwater camera and by Caine sharing his professional quality photos with the whole group after expedition.

This expedition and our encounters created memories that will stay with me throughout the rest of my life! Hopefully one day I’ll get to do another whale expedition again, and if that day comes, I would not hesitate to get in touch with Caine."


Brad Behrins (Humpback Whales - Mo'orea, 2017)

I went to Tahiti with Caine in September 2017 to fulfill a bucket list dream and swim with humpback whales. The mere thought of the trip was intimidating to someone who only started swimming less than a year earlier after a 20 year hiatus. With the support and guidance of Caine and my new friends, I was not only able to survive but by the end of the trip I actually thrived in  the water.

Caine's support and scientific insights made the trip an incredible  experience that I will never forget. Safe to say it has changed my perspective on how I think of many things including reaching personal goals and taking care of the environment.


Monica Hoffman (Dominica, 2017)

I signed up for this trip about 6 months prior and while really excited for it, I had no idea what to expect.  Everything about it surpassed my expectations and this was in spite of the devastation of Hurricane Maria.  Caine was there every step of the way to ensure the guests had the best time imaginable. He assisted me with finding flights, finding alternative accommodation after the hurricane and finding the right person to talk to when I wanted to change my flight at the last minute and was having no luck on my own. The team he assembled for the boat was top-notch with our whale whisperer, Pernell leading the charge. I couldn’t imagine a better team for this adventure. The highlight of course was the whales, and there were plenty. The whole journey felt as if Caine & Pernell had spoken to Mother Nature directly to ensure that the whales put on a show for us. What a show it was!! We had plenty of sperm whales and if that wasn’t enough, we had pilot whales and dolphins. We had spy-hops, breaches and pods of sleeping whales. All we needed was David Attenborough and we would have been living a BBC documentary.  Every day saw something new. Everything you could possibly ask for was delivered.  Overall it was a trip of a lifetime with a lot of magic mixed in. I can’t even express what it meant to me because I am still so gobsmacked by everything we encountered but I can say, that if you have ever thought of swimming with sperm whales, I highly recommend a trip with Caine to Dominica