Why go an Adventure with Me?


The Approach

Picking a travel company to take you on a break away from the real world can be challenging. I, for one, don't know where to begin, so I've had to assemble all of my own travels and adventures. Those genuine experiences direct my approach for the trips I curate for my guests: I avoid the well-trodden paths and focus instead on authentic adventures and stories.

No Ordinary Guide

I aim to deliver a unique wildlife and cultural adventure for you when you join my trips, but given my background with a PhD in marine ecology, you're also sure to come away learning more about the oceans and its inhabitants.  My work has focused on coral and temperate reefs all over the world, with published studies conducted on fish, sharks, and whales, so you're sure to have your questions answered about the marine world, conservation, and specific animals on the trip.

Learning about photography is part of the trip

If you're a seasoned professional, I'm there to help you get the space you need to get the shot, help change batteries, fix gear, and generally be your assistant. If you're just starting out, I can help you maximise your photography goals and help refine your technique, approach, visualisation, conceptualisation, and get the best image with the gear you have – what ever it is.

Stories not lists!

To be honest I'm a little saddened that our world's wonders have been distilled down to lists and the wearing of the badge that says "Oh, I've done *insert list item here*". Don't get me wrong, the animals I endeavor to show you are high on those lists, but, I aim to give you much more than just seeing these animals and calling it a day. My guides and I know the difference between seeing these animals and truly experiencing wild

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Just finished a diving trip organized by Caine and really impressed.
The trip was to Punta do Ouro, Mozambique, and from arrival in Johannesburg to the end of the trip everything went perfectly well. From Hotel booking, transfer, border crossing, lodge in Punta and of course diving.
Not to forgot that Caine know this place as we say in French “like his pocket” and it was nice to have his insight on the diving sites, the fauna, and some photography tips.
It was also a very nice group, mixing very different people. Caine’s idea to visit and organize trip off the “beaten diving destination” is also a great idea. It changes from the usual destination, give another perspective to a dive trip.
I will sign up and I’m really looking forward for the next one...
— Ariane Lamy - Mozambique Expedition 2016
“I went along with Caine after meeting him on a flight back from Hawaii. I had so much fun going diving with him in Mozambique to see the sharks. The adventure was unique and the company was great. Most of all, I felt safe diving with and learning from an experienced marine biologist. He is skilled, caring and fun. Opportunity of a lifetime, will go with him again!”