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Why keep a secret? The main reason is conservation!

In today's Insta world, there are lots of examples of places being rapidly overrun by tourist before adequate management practices are put in place. 

For my trips I employ all the protocol that exist elsewhere for the wellbeing of the animals and to minimize any behavioral change. Having guided, and studied all over the world, I am well aware that the best encounters occur when we let the animals dictate them.

And, ultimately the goal of these expeditions is to keep some of the thrill and excitement of what an expedition is all about. The unknown, the possibilities, and ultimately a chance to create your own unique stories. 



These secret destination usually include everything but getting there (including meals)

Digital access to photos taken by me on the trip for you to keep

Photography Tuition

Experienced Local Guide

Non-alcoholic drinks on board






Additional expenses (alcoholic drinks, gifts, personal expenses)

Travel Insurance (Required)

Secret 1 - April 27th - May 4th

Day 1. Arrive

Day 2-7. 6 full days on the water, this is what we may see (and have seen there)

Sperm Whales

Oceanic White tip sharks

Pilot whales

False killer whales

Numerous dolphin species

Day 8. Transfer back to airport for flights home




At this location we will also be looking for oceanic white tip sharks. We believe we have a juvenile pupping ground which if true, will be a crucial link between the adult, pregnant populations and where they travel to to give birth. Being one of the most overfished and now endangered large predators on the planet, knowing where the babies are is crucial in preserving the future generations of this species.

So, we’ll be actively deploying baited stations to try attract these sharks in to get information on abundance and length data. This is a rare an exciting opportunity to be a part of some ground breaking discoveries.

Baby oceanic white tip shark- image taken at secret location and maybe the site of where adults give birth.

Baby oceanic white tip shark- image taken at secret location and maybe the site of where adults give birth.