Team Expeditions

Speak to any expedition team, and the number one quality that brings success is the mutual acceptance of knowing that the team will hope to share joy, but in the process they will suffer together to get there.

We believe that there is very little difference between creating and building a business, product or legacy and that of an expedition in the wilderness. The main difference is the time line. Goals in the business world can last months, if not years, whereas in the wilderness all the emotions and highs and lows are crammed into days, or weeks.

Why take your team on an expedition? Because, the wilderness is the great equalizer. The strongest may not like the cold, physically weaker may not get sea-sick, the mentally tough in the boardroom might struggle when faced with a giant animal encounter, and the quiet and introverted might just surprise you with how bold they truly are!

Thats why, if you want to get to the core of your team, to know how they are performing under duress, how they help each other, and how they are celebrating the successes, then an adventure with us is a surefire way to find out.

About Caine

Dr Caine Delacy, our founder, is a PhD marine biologist, internationally published underwater photographer, expedition leader, and adventurer. He has spent his life conducting field work all over the planet from East Africa to Cuba. While marine biology may look like its all dolphins and skittles, in actuality, it’s a far cry from that.

In the pursuit of science, Caine has had to out run Somali pirates, dodge dynamite blasts underwater, been left out at sea, work in all sorts of weather- not just when it is sunny, survived a storm that all but destroyed their boat, and generally had his fair amount of miserable days out on the ocean. But, these events become stories to tell, and the camaraderie built while enduring these trying times lasts a lifetime.

Caine believes that the wilderness and especially the open ocean is the great equalizer. No matter how brave, smart, and cunning you are, the ocean will always find your weakness. By putting your team in the wilderness where mother nature dominates, where the animals all have the upper hand, and where the weather and elements can bring you to your limit quicker than any work stress test; you are gaining an insight into the fabric that helps bind and build your team together. In short, an expedition may just turn a good team into a great team.



3- Day blitz

The 3 day blitz option is designed to fit in with small windows of opportunity. Land Thursday night, and fly out Monday morning, and in between be surrounded by whales, sharks, and other marine life.

Little rest, long days, and exciting opportunities to encounter some of the oceans biggest and fastest animals.


Humpback Whales in Paradise

An expedition in the crystal clear waters of French Polynesia. Humpback whales, sharks, rays and more to truly experience what it’s like to be the slowest, smallest and most vulnerable, while having to completely trust these animals.

From speedy drive by encounters, to patiently waiting for a new born calf to come to the surface, the humpback whales will captivate you at every encounter.


Sperm Whales, the hunt, the wait, the reward

The great Sperm whale, of great fame and fable from our maritime ancestors. Intimidating, curious and hard to find.

These expeditions will test your teams patience while simultaneously forcing each other to stop, to watch, to look, and to breathe in the the simple things. The simple joy of watching the sun, the wind and the rain dance over the ocean.